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est. 2013



'White Primrose' by Shade of the Bloom - DVD preview | ordering information here

19th Sep 2014 12:56pm 2 days ago 3 notes

'Adonis' by AdoniXiu Preview - Information coming soon!

19th Sep 2014 12:54pm 2 days ago 3 notes

'Exquisite' by Harace Xiu - Calendar Sample Pages | order information here

'Exquisite' by Harace Xiu - Calendar Sample Pages | order information here

19th Sep 2014 12:49pm 2 days ago 1 note
Anonymous asked: What's wrong with Melting? I bought from them before, and they were fine?

I’m not saying anything is wrong with Melting, I just personally went through a bad experience with them and I don’t think I’ll choose to order from them again. Just a personal opinion, in no way and I trying to insinuate the idea that Melting is a horrible fansite which shouldn’t be trusted.

19th Sep 2014 12:42pm 2 days ago 0 notes
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Anonymous asked: I'm going to order for first time ever from a fansite, is there something I should think about? Are there often scams?

Ordering from fansites can be a bit intimidating but I think that’s pretty normal. Often time it seems difficult with a language barrier and you’re relying on email responses which can sometimes take days to hear back from, especially since the fansite operators are usually out and about following these idols around. From my past experiences I definitely recommend joining a group order first and foremost. I used to order on my own and I didn’t have any problems but due to an issue that happened with Melting I basically lost all trust in not only fansite masters but also in my own ability to properly execute an order. While I feel that this solely isn’t my fault and mostly because of the lack of responsibility on Melting’s part, I started using group orders in stead and I highly recommend joining them. They prepare everything for you so there is literally no stress on your part and with shipping split up the purchase itself becomes so much more cheaper, you’re saving about 20 to 40 bucks alone on a group order, sometimes even more depending on how large the group is. I do recommend checking out the group orders first though and going with someone who does them frequently and has good feedback as well, there are people out there who try to scam when it comes to group orders, so just like anything else on the internet, be cautious and be careful.

Now I’m not saying ordering on your own is a bad thing to do, in fact, I encourage you do so if that’s what you’re most comfortable with. What I recommend is asking questions, and asking as many as you feel you need to ask without feeling like you’re being a burden. You should get all the facts straight before sending money anywhere. This includes any and all fees, shipping information, etc etc. The more you know the safer you will be with your purchase.

19th Sep 2014 12:25pm 2 days ago 0 notes
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'Tuneful Freezing' by Be Adorable - Hand Mirror and Smart Phone Case previews | Order information here

16th Sep 2014 3:49pm 5 days ago 19 notes

'Tuneful Freezing' by Be Adorable - picture diary previews | Ordering information here

16th Sep 2014 3:47pm 5 days ago 47 notes

Tuneful Freezing 2015 Diary Project

Be Adorable has just released information regarding their 2015 diary project ‘Tuneful Freezing’!


  • General deposits - September 17th to October 31st
  • Shipping expected near end of November


  • 2015 Diary
  • 150 pages
  • All Color
  • Growl through Overdose era pictures


  • Smartphone card case
  • Hand mirror
  • Dust bag case
  • 15 photo cards
  • poster
  • Diary sticker
  • Electromagnetic sticker


  • 1 Set - 20 USD + shipping

***Shipping fees can be checked through link in Q&A board or for more clarification email beadorable0326@gmail.com

Account Information:

  • Bank name : Industrial Bank of Korea
    Bank address : INDUSTRIAL BANK OF KOREA HEAD OFFICE, 1318-5, Seocho 4-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
    ZIP CODE : 137-855
    Swift code : IBKOKRSE
    Bank account: 036-093657-01-019
  • PayPal - beadorableforever@gmail.com

***After deposits make sure to leave a confirmation message

16th Sep 2014 3:45pm 5 days ago 1 note
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Blanket Preview for Charming Xiumin’s blanket project | Information coming soon!

Blanket Preview for Charming Xiumin’s blanket project | Information coming soon!

16th Sep 2014 3:39pm 5 days ago 2 notes

'Joyful Day' by Wanna B Calendar Previews | Information here

14th Sep 2014 2:56pm 1 week ago 44 notes

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